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State of Furry: Orientation

This question asks the respondent about their sexual orientation - in 2008 this consisted of three categories and in 2009/2010 seven categories. Use the slider to change the year displayed.

2008 - 2009 - 2010

Sexual Orientation

There is a commonly accepted idea that a lot of furries are gay males, but this appears to be only slightly true. While there are certainly a higher percentage of males within the fandom than females, the sexual orientation spread is remarkably well spaced with only a slight leaning towards the heterosexual end of the spectrum. This might be due to the fact that furries are more open-minded about sexuality than society at large and more willing to consider possibilities other than the standard homosexual/heterosexual dichotomy, or it could be that the sense of community offered to the members attracts those who would otherwise have to pretend a certain sexuality.

Another idea floating around is that the fandom seems to be heading to a spread weighted more heavily toward the heterosexual end of the spectrum, which seems to be the case, if only slightly. This may be due to the fact that furry is becoming more main-stream and thus attracting a more mainstream audience rather than being seen as a sexual subculture. That said, however, in 2010, there is still a much higher percentage of homosexuals and bisexuals represented within the fandom than outside it.

Also note that not everyone who took the survey answered this question. This is the reason for the missing slice of the pie, as it were, on the pie chart