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State of Furry: Activities

This question asks the respondent how they would describe themselves and provides a list of possible answers, shown below. Use the slider to change the year displayed.

2008 - 2009 - 2010


With so many things to do in the fandom, it's interesting to see just how many people are into what. Despite how much the visualization above seems to shift, the trends of each activity over time tend to stay fairly static, looking fairly flat, i.e.: . A few trends have seen some change over time, however, such as a slight decrease in participants who describe themselves as con-goers or advocates of animal rights . Below are all the trends:

An advocate of animal rights Fluent in one or more non-native languages A fan of anime A fan of science fiction
A fan of RPG games Active online A con-goer A 'fursuiter'
A 'plushophile' A 'zoophile' An author A musical artist
A visual artist