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State of Furry: The Importance of Sex

These questions asked respondents, in a variety of ways, how important sex is in the furry fandom. Use the slider to change the year displayed.

2008 - 2009 - 2010

Importance of Sex

The survey rated the importance of sex in three different ways: how important it was, personally, to the respondent; how important the respondent thought it was to others in the fandom; and how important to the fandom the respondent felt the public viewed it. Perhaps most the most interesting result of this is that respondents rate the importance of sex to themselves lower than to others and much lower than to the public. This means that, on average, furries don't consider themselves very sexual, but they consider other furries much more so, and they feel that the public probably thinks that all furries are very, very sexual.

In the graphs above, you can see on the right how personal sexuality and public perception of sexuality are almost inversely related, and on the left that the mean importance level of personal sexuality hovers around 4.5 and the mean importance level of public perception of sexuality stays around 8.5, almost twice as important. Since the survey was given mostly to members of the fandom, however, we don't see the public's actual perception in the data - what is shown is what furries believe the public perceives about them.

Does this mean that furries have a hypersexualized internal representation of the typical member of their own community? Is it negative, in their mind, to be perceived as very focused on sex by the public? Are they setting themselves on the defensive by holding this belief? These are questions that furries might ask themselves when they form opinions of their cohorts. Of course, this information is based off trends alone and no specific data, so perhaps there is some aspect missing.