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Results from Oxley's 2015 Survey

These results are from Oxley’s 2015 online survey. They are a companion to his piece on [a][s], which is available here!


Race and Ethnicity



Sexuality (polyamorous respondents)

Time in the fandom

Active participation

Online participation

Importance of the fandom

Furry friends

Sexual validity

Gender validity

Sexual acceptance

Gender acceptance

Listening points


Acceptance of furries

Survey Methodology

As mentioned, a pivotal part of this study involved a survey, asking furries to provide their own insight on the intersections between the furry fandom and the queer community. This survey was conducted online, formatted on the poll-creating website, and was distributed through a link ( ) primarily passed on through the social media sites Twitter and Tumblr. The survey remained open between the dates of December 3rd and 6th, 2015, and received a total of 409 valid responses. Only questions regarding demographics, such as age, sexuality, gender, and race, were mandatory—respondents were free to answer remaining questions at their will, or to choose not to do so.

As with all attempted data collections, the survey was potentially affected by a number of sources of error. Sadly, some responses were not usable—for example, a small handful of respondents described themselves as “cisgender” when asked their gender identity, failing to specify whether they were male or female, and thus could not be counted in the respective survey data. This obscurity may be due in part to a simple lack of knowledge regarding issues of gender and sexuality, which could very well have affected the survey as a whole. Additionally, some respondents were minors (ranging from ages 13 to 17), and thus cannot realistically be expected to fully understand all of the concepts surrounding queerness.

It is also important to note that this survey coincided with the weekend of Midwest FurFest, a major furry convention. It is possible that this fact may have ultimately had some affect on survey data, though just how is somewhat unclear. It is not unthinkable to suggest that a number of people overly involved in the furry community would have been too busy this weekend to otherwise respond, while those less involved may have heard about the survey while attending the convention, when otherwise they would not have.

Regretfully, because of these factors potentially influencing data, it is not possible to conclude that the survey either is or is not flawlessly accurate. However, whether outside interference may have influenced data is relatively unlikely. Recall that this survey was circulated amongst furries on both Tumblr and Twitter—as the furry fandom is a relatively tight-knit community, few individuals outside the fandom would have seen or taken the survey, suggesting that data therein is representative of demographics and beliefs solely of furries, though these beliefs are themselves a potential source of bias.